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Zip, Nada, Nothing from our agency today.

Referrals are in the US so we can officially say that the stork has landed. The first December referral has been posted by a family on the west coast. Gene and Rick at lumpia and dim sum received the referral for their 16 month old son! They’re anxiously awaiting pictures and I, for one, can’t wait to see them.

I’ve also seen a couple of other referrals out there, but it seems as if most agencies will be notifying families early next week. I’m disappointed of course, but the anxiety was helped tremendously by the two bottles of wine shared with my coworkers this afternoon. It was a long, tough week so we were able to rationalize it with the 5 o’clock somewhere theory.

Even though I know there won’t be any more news until Monday I’m still obsessively refreshing RQ every few minutes and lurking on some of the other sites. I really should shut this thing down and try to get some sleep.

Yeah, right. Who am I kidding?

Still no definitive word on the cutoff. I do feel fortunate that we know we’re in this batch. I imagine the 12/8er’s are going batty now with the are-we-in-or-not agony of not knowing.

As expected, we are not in for October. I’m perfectly okay with that (well, mostly) since we can finally say that we are NEXT! Yahoo!

I don’t know what the actual cut off date is — I’ll update the Now Serving graphic with that as soon as I hear something definite.

J and I had high hopes that the CCAA would refer enough to let us know if we were going to receive our referral in October. Well, they referred just enough to keep us torturously hanging on to the slim hope that we still might get our referral in October, but with enough doubt that it could very well be November before we see Ava’s face.

Good thing my mom reads here, otherwise this post might have been filled with every (frustrated) curse word I could think of. I’m starting to feel a bit like there’s this major conspiracy theory to keep the December 5 LIDs as in the dark and confused as possible.

I’ll update the graphic sidebar later (updated 11:14pm). We’re at my Mom’s now and there’s no Photoshop to be found ’round her computer. I also have pictures of the coolest pink cowboy boots ever that we bought for the kid this weekend. You know, they say these boots were made for walkin’, right? Maybe we should just start walking to China and they’d be ready for us when we finally got there.

**Update** And you can now see the pink boots here.

Rumour has it that August referrals are here and that the cutoff date is 21 November 05. This is good – although I told my Mom this morning that it makes me feel slightly freaked out that we could be up to bat in just a couple more months if referrals continue like this.

Maybe October since there’s a good chance we could be next after next. Now I’m nervous and scared and worried and excited and…well, you get the idea.

It was lovely having the day off from work today. The sleeping in part was especially nice as I am unequivocally NOT a morning person and I truly relish the luxury of sleeping until 9AM. It seems the best dreams always happen for me in the morning hours.

Our major event of the day was spending 4 million dollars (cumulatively) at Lowe’s. They offer a 10% discount to active duty military and their immediate families in honor of Independence Day so we made liberal use of that. We purchased all of the lumber to build the laundry room today and will go back on the weekend to finish up the drywall, flooring, and cabinetry. J is outside happily pounding away as I type. I find this particular event especially rewarding as I’ve been living with the dryer in the computer room and the washer in the hallway for the last 4 months. I’m so over it and can’t wait until they go back where they belong. The previous laundry area had to be demolished when the house was lifted.

We did stop by to grab a quick bite at our friend’s cookout and visited with Miss Isabelle for a little bit. J finally held her and it just amazed me how natural he is with her. Some men are afraid of holding such little ones but he held her like he’d been doing so for ages. She’s still tiny – right about 12 pounds now. Charlene gave us pictures as we were leaving and he adamantly said he wanted his own picture of his god-daughter. Too cute.

Lily the cat is a bit under the weather. She has recurrent UTI’s and we noticed another one coming on this morning. We normally run her right to the vet for antibiotics but I’m going to try treating this one homeopathically. I just hate having her on antibiotics if we can avoid it.

And last, but certainly not least: Referral rumours are strongly suggesting that the July cutoff date will be November 14th. It certainly could have been worse and gives us a little hope that we really will meet Ava (hopefully) sometime before the end of 2007.

*RQ says it’s an R5 that referrals have been mailed and the cutoff is 11/14/05. Good enough for me to update the sidebar graphic.*