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As we were leaving Ikea we stopped to grab an ice cream cone on the way out. Heading toward the door with our cones we walked past another family with Caucasian parents and 2 Chinese daughters. I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity to (discreetly) point out another family who looked like ours to my 6 year old.

Her response? “No they don’t. They don’t have ice cream cones.”

A good reminder/illustration for me that not everything is about adoption every minute of every day. Sometimes it really is just about ice cream with your family – whatever they look like.

I read this today and it really struck a nerve with me. How true, oh how very true, this statement is.

We need to be grateful for many things that did not happen.

~ C.J. Langenhoven

Lest you think me pretentious and hoity-toity for spending a Saturday morning reading a philosophical Afrikaans author I will tell you now that I read it in the funny pages. Mutts, to be exact.

If it is early in the morning and you have a tall cabinet in your bathroom that you’re trying to put an item that the baby feels she must have but you decide otherwise on the top shelf and you decide to stand on the toilet in order to reach the top shelf then I would strongly urge you to look down to ensure the lid is shut before blindly stepping onto it assuming that the lid is closed. If not, you might find that you are stepping INto it as opposed to ONto it.

It was not a pleasant experience.

Today’s installment:

“Ava, your toothbrush goes in your mouth – not between your toes.”

Yes, I actually did say that to her this morning.

I’m sure this is only the first of many such posts.