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Example #1: I swore that I would never, ever fight with my kids over cleaning up their room, “It’s their room,” I said. “I can just close the door and it won’t even bother me since I don’t even see it,” I said.

Ava literally spent all day in her room today. She started ‘cleaning’ before we got up (she’s an early riser) and was still ‘cleaning’ when she went to bed. No worries – we did let her out for bread, water, and potty breaks – but otherwise it took her ALL.FREAKING.DAY to not even finish one average sized bedroom that has too many books and stuffed animals in it. There was much drama with plenty yet remaining, I’m sure. While I mostly don’t care (sort of) her carpet is in dire need of a cleaning so my OCD has kicked in and I simply cannot Let it Go. (<-Heh, see what I did there.)

(Also, I said I wouldn’t ever yell at my kids. Yeah, about that…)

Example #2: It’s cold. Normal people turn the heat on to warm up, right? Nope. I happened to look at my electric bill for the last few months and decided that freezing to death doesn’t sound ┬áso bad after all.

Wait a minute, here – I clearly have the yelling thing down already so apparently I only need to brush up my mom phrases, like “Turn the heat down, put on a sweater, wear some socks,” You know, those bits of parental wisdom that are downright profound now that we’re the ones paying the bills these days.

Ava very dramatically told me that she felt like Cinderella . I told her it was okay – so long as the Fairy Godmother comes my way with a wish or three when she comes to rescue Ava from her pitiful ┬álife of servitude doing things like picking up her OWN stuff. I could use a housekeeper (so I never have to fight that battle aagain) and a child psychologist (so I can figure out in advance how much I’m screwing them up.)

She’s only 4 (and 1/2) and I already think she might win this parent/child fencing match just because she has more endurance than I do.

More energy, too.

G-d help me. I don’t think this gets any easier either, does it?

(Don’t answer that, please.)

We took Ava for a walk after dinner this evening. The plans were to take her down to the water, which we did, where she waded happily in the shallows and dangled her feet off the dock for a little while. It was so adorable watching her dip her toes in the water and then laugh and laugh and laugh about it.

When we started out on our walk we briefly talked about grabbing the bug spray but didn’t because we were only going to the dock (short walk) and it was way too windy for the mosquitoes to be out. You can see where this is going, right?

She had so much fun being out that we decided to extend our walk a little bit and then opted to detour down a neighbor’s private drive. Yeah, private drive that is bordered by a marsh AND is surrounded by trees, therefore blocking the wind.

Ava is absolutely covered in mosquito bites and we (stupid, stupid parents) had no idea it was even happening to her until she’d gotten bit 6 or so times. The mosquitoes totally skipped over us and went right after her. Once we realized it I took off quickly (me running – you know that has to be important) to get the wind going and to get her out of there, but it was too late to save her completely. She has about 6 bites on her legs and three on her face – one of which is right near her eye and looks awful. We rushed home, gave her the max dosage of Benadryl, and wiped her spots with vinegar. She got a cool bath shortly after, more vinegar, and a liberal application of hydrocortisone before being covered head to toe in footed pajamas to keep her from scratching in the night.

Ava reacts terribly to mosquitoes. She welts up worse than anyone I’ve ever seen, although to be honest, they don’t seem to bother her too much after the first few hours. She also scars like crazy from them. All I know is that this kid will never leave the house again without being doused in bug spray. I’m going by the health food store tomorrow to buy a couple more bottles and one will be in every diaper bag and in my purse at all times.

Needless to say, we both feel like crap about this.

I did tell Ava that she totally missed her opportunity tonight. All she would have had to do was ask for that pony, sports car, Bratz doll, whatever and it would totally have been hers come tomorrow morning. Well, maybe not the Bratz doll as I do have some limits that are absolute. Parental guilt may just be one of the strongest feelings on earth, I think. At least one of the most easily manipulated emotions, for sure.