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Really, I do. But it is just.so.hard to find the time.

I have pictures from Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas – and they are all still on the camera. Not even one has been downloaded to my Mac.

I have things I want to say – but they are all trapped in my brain unless they can be used as a short status update on Facebook.


Happy New Year! There, at least I got that out.


We have been home for 57 days.

A lot has happened in 57 days.

22 medical appointments (some lasting nearly a full day and most of them being at least a 45 minute drive from home)
3 emergency room visits
2 early intervention assessments
2 speech therapy evaluations
2 surgeries
1 dance recital (+1 dress rehearsal the day prior)
1 night in the PICU
1 Pre-K graduation
1 long weekend visit to the out-of-state grandparents

along with a host of other things (social event type stuff) that I didn’t bother to write in my calendar. After a quick glance it appears that I’ve had ~12 days that we haven’t had some sort of appointment but that, of course, doesn’t factor in regular things like emergency Target (or as I like to call it – Mecca for Moms) runs or taking Ava to school. Oh, and mustn’t forget weekly dance and gymnastics lessons for Ava.

Things that haven’t happened in the last 57 days:

Thank you notes (for Ava’s birthday which was in MARCH or for any gift Merry has received since either). I’m really bothered by this but see above for the reasons why this hasn’t happened. We are very appreciative and I hope to get to this soon.

Mail – you wouldn’t believe the stack of unopened mail we have here. I finally started sorting through it today while the girls were napping and (oh, crap) found a couple of past due bills. This appalls me because I am normally ON IT but it appears that I have lost all organizational capabilities at this point since I generally have no idea of what date or day it is unless my phone tells me we have somewhere to be. Since I’m not back at work yet I just don’t have quite as much reason to pay close attention to the calendar.

House cleaning – pig sty. ‘Nuff said. (Although I did finally finish emptying out the suitcases that we used for China (in APRIL) today.) They’re currently on the front porch. I have no idea how long it will take for them to make it into the garage.

Grocery shopping or meal planning – Merry, like her sister, is great in restaurants. I think it’s because they know they would starve otherwise.

But you know what else has happened?

A family of four has formed and sisters are sorting out their places in this newly expanded organization. A baby is learning what it’s like to have a mama and a dada and a sister who dotes on her and meets every need she might have. A big sister is learning what it’s really like to be a big sister (the good and the bad). A mom is figuring out how to manage two children – quickly learning the painful lesson that when both need you at once then you have to make really hard decisions as to which one needs you more – and a dad is figuring out how to spell the mom occasionally while holding down his full time job, volunteer job, and still managing to mow the yard periodically. AND we’ve done all this with plenty of sibling rivalry and parental disputes but without bloodshed or long term ill will so I’m still gonna call it a win.

Now bedtimes? That’s a tough one. We still haven’t quite figured out how to effectively manage that situation yet…