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I didn’t vote. This is the first federal election I haven’t voted in since I turned eighteen.


Still sick, physically and emotionally exhausted, worked pretty late, etc.

(Yeah, I know. Excuses.)

I should probably add political apathy to the list, too.

Sick. Me, not her. She had a touch of something last week.

Razor blades in the throat, achy bones, crawly skin, and swollen lymph nodes kind of sick.

This sucks.

And just think, I’ll only have to do this about 40 more times this year.

To resurrect my little ghost blog in honor of National Blog Posting Month?

Whatever shall I write about?

Work? Nah. I generally don’t.

School? Boring, but extremely time consuming at the moment. But hey, you know how it is. Everybody needs a semi-useless psychology degree, right?

Husband? Wait. Do I have one of those? Ohhhhh, right – he’s that guy who pops in occasionally in-between the very frequent business trips of late.

Invisalign? Nope. Almost finished with that ill-conceived plan so it’s probably too late to do a daily blog of the inestimably minuscule amount of tooth movement in comparison to the HUGE amount of annoyance it caused me.

Crap. What does that leave?

I know. Halloween candy. I can talk about halloween candy.



Still sick(ish): I have costochronditis. I started having this horrible pain in my sternum last week at work and then I googled it and convinced myself that I was maybe having a heart attack or I had MS or I had thoracic outlet syndrome so I called J because I wanted him to tell me to go to the emergency room – except he didn’t since he googled and told me I had costochronditis, which is an inflammation of the cartilage that attaches your ribs to your sternum. A miserable two days commenced where I was having anxiety attacks (making my chest hurt worse) because I was convinced that I was going to expire immediately so I FINALLY made a doctor’s appointment only to have my doc confirm that J and Dr. Google were indeed correct. However, my real doc gets points for being the only one who could actually prescribe drugs (a super-duper anti-inflammatory) and rest – only one of which I actually utilized (and it ain’t rest since I have a very active 4 year old who never ever stops). I’m 95% better now and am only taking the medication sporadically which is good because it is kinda hard on the tummy.

Apparently you really do start falling apart at 40.

Paperchasing: We’re paperchasing again. This time to update the homestudy and immigration approval that we let expire in 2010. Our social worker finally sent me all the paperwork today that we need to complete for the update – financials, physicals, child abuse clearances, etc. Dang. I’d apparently forgotten or blocked the pain of this. What a huge folderol for her to pretty much just change our ages on the homestudy she wrote for us in 2009.

Why are we updating? I don’t know. We are years and years out from a non-special needs referral if we continue on that path but we’re open to the possibilities of a special needs child at the right time – except I don’t really know when that right time will be. We did just review the file of a 13 month old boy with (repaired) cleft lip and unrepaired palate but have opted not to pursue him since we don’t have a current immigration approval and I don’t want to hold him up from another family if they can bring him home sooner. Let me tell you, though – it is HARD to review a file like that and then say no. He is just precious and I’ve told them that if another family doesn’t come forward before they have to return the file then please let me know and we may revisit. In the meantime, we’ve submitted a medical needs checklist for the special needs that we’re open to and told them they can’t call us with anything before we have immigration pre-approval in hand.

Do we want a boy? There are so many boys in China that need homes but I am scared to death at the thought of parenting a male child. It seems like we’ve only just figured out the girl thing so the thought of the unknown petrifies me. Also? I can’t help but think that there is a sister for Ava out there somewhere and since J says only one more then I have to work this out in my head. J is also partial to a girl – see fear of unknown above and apply that to him x2 as well. Ava wants a sister badly and has talked about one for at least a year now with zero encouragement from us. I dunno. At this point our checklist is only for a girl but we can obviously change this at any time.

New Baby Cousin: Yes, Ava has one. She will tell you unhesitatingly that he is her baby and she wants to hold him on her lap and change his Batman diaper (except she keeps volunteering me to help with that part). Hopefully we will get to see him soon – they live far up north so this involves scheduling and long trips and ugh. There are many times (like now) when I wish all of our families lived closer to each other.

Regular Ava updates: One word. Facebook. If you’re a regular reader and I know who you are and you’re not a weirdo stalker then please email me with your FB name and I’ll look you up there. I’m still waffling on the future of the blog due to the privacy issues as Ava gets older but I do update there way more often than here.

Newest Obsession: Dorito’s Blazin’ Buffalo and Ranch. I don’t know who invented these but I hate them for not helping me stick to my diet at all. I joined Weight Watchers and lost 10 pounds then gained 5 of them back thanks to these things (and all of the recent candy holidays). I’m giving SparkPeople a try now. Someday I’ll go back to the gym, maybe.

100 Good Wishes Quilt: No progress. I still don’t even have enough squares – some of which are from Very Important People who should have sent them to me by now since Ava’s been home for 3+ years.

Lifebook Status: Yeah, right.

I think that’s random enough for today.

Tackling those pictures is a bigger job than I thought so it probably won’t happen until Sunday. Sorry – no ballet (or stripping) pictures today.

Ohhh, the weekend. It’s going to be so busy.

I have a sleep study scheduled for tomorrow night – J has nagged and nagged me to go since my snoring bugs him – and my doc wants to rule out sleep apnea since I am always soooooo tired all the time (and apparently almost completely incapable of reaching REM sleep). I’m trying to convince myself that it will be like a mini-vacation but I hatehatehate being away from my family even for one night and I don’t anticipate that being attached to a million wires in a strange (non Tempur-Pedic bed) is especially conducive to quality sleep anyway.

Saturday is Ava’s gymnastics exhibition (at an awfully early hour) with her official 4th birthday photo shoot (new photographer – this should be interesting) immediately following. Then we have her family birthday party/gifts since J will be out of town on her actual day. We’d planned an afternoon trip to the local amusement park (but that plan is likely shelved since it’s supposed to be about 47 degrees) with the grand finale being the great bike unveiling which might be a bit of a disappointment since the weather also calls for (ugh) rain. She test drove the bike last week and is still talking about it so I know the minute she spots it she’ll be itching to hit the road. Can’t forget a nap in there somewhere too since Ava still consistently naps for at least 2 hours a day and is a grouch-monster if she doesn’t get her beauty sleep.

Sunday will be a bit of a slow day since we only have one birthday party (not hers) to attend – although I do still have to buy a gift for that party between now and then. Anybody have any 6 year old girl gift recommendations? Books are not a good suggestion, in part because birthday girl’s mom is a teacher AND a voracious reader so they pretty much already own every book ever written. Other than that – any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.