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It goes something like this:


Teeth brushing with her Scooby-Doo toothbrush and Scooby-Doo toothpaste followed up with a good flossing (just had her first successful dentist appointment earlier this month – no issues, thank goodness).

Books (currently reading Barney’s Number Friends, Your Body Belongs To You, and Over The Moon: An Adoption Tale – the Llama, Llama series has been shelved at my insistence for a while).

She gets tucked in just so with her night-night, her gorgeous Pottery Barn quilt, the tacky (and half-nekkid) Ariel fleece blanket she got for Christmas, and her nearly threadbare Elmo fuzzy blanket – surrounded by her beloved Lambie, Figment from Epcot, and Timmy (and 15 or so of her other closest stuffed friends).

We then do a head rub (where we rub our foreheads together), Eskinose (self-explanatory) and a kiss or 12. Big hugs are next – followed with our regular exchange of I Love You’s.

Mama: Do you know how much I love you?

Ava: The whole world, and then some, and then some more.

But she added a little bit extra tonight.

Ava: And I’m going to be Mama’s baby forever and ever – even when I’m an old lady – and I’m never, never going to leave you.

Hmmmm. I think I need to schedule a video deposition or something so I can document this (with her under oath) and remind her of it in a few years.

Is it really evil of me to laugh a little inside and feel quite smug when the little voice from the backseat pipes up with “Slow down, Daddy” and “You’re too c(l)ose”? Heck, I don’t even try to keep the laughter bottled up when she covers her eyes and shrieks.

Like mother like daughter, I guess.

(He’s really not that bad of a driver. Well, not by New Yorker standards, anyway.)

Studying. Doing homework. No time to blog (and nothing especially exciting happened today anyway, unless you count taking a trike ride and picking up 13,000 pine cones).

Oh yeah, and she told me she was not a good listener today. Believe it or not, I kind of figured that one out on my own by about 8:30AM this morning.

to do much of a blog post after working all day then flying halfway across the country (with flight delays, naturally). Although the comp upgrade to first class on the second leg of the flight did make it a little more palatable. Well, that and the free drinks that come along with the comp upgrade.

Ava gets it when J travels – probably because he’s gone so frequently. Since I travel only occasionally it’s a different animal when I’m gone, although I think it’s a great Daddy/Ava bonding experience since she has to fully rely on him and he gets all Ava all the time with no Mama to fall back on. Makes him appreciate me, I think.

I reminded her today at breakfast that I was going to be away.

Her: Why, Mama?

Me: I’m going to work, baby.

Her: To make money?

Me: Well, yes. I guess so.

Her: And so Mama can sleep!

Eeeek! Guess she was listening when I said the one thing I looked forward to with business travel was staying in a hotel where someone else cleans up after me and being able to get some uninterrupted sleep.

And so I shall sign off to do just that…

Just about the time I’ve decided to start inching toward vegetarianism…

Scene: We’ve just picked up pizza for dinner and are on our way home after a long day at work/school.

Me: Ava, what kind of vegetables do you want with your pizza tonight?

Her: Roast Beef

Me: Silly goosey, beef isn’t a vegetable. Try again.

Her: Turkey

Sometimes I’m a little slow but I finally got it. The kid is a┬ápreferential┬ácarnivore but will happily consume vegetables if she is starving, when I am eating them, or when they are liberally coated in cheese. That said, put some roast beef out and you’d best pull your fingers away quickly lest you lose them to her sharp little gnashing teeth as she dives in.

Scene: Ava’s eating YoBaby yogurt for breakfast.

Her: Mama, dis good.

Me: What does it taste like, Ava? Look on the container and tell me what it tastes like. (FYI – YoBaby yogurt containers have a picture of a baby as well as a picture of whatever fruit it’s supposed to taste like.)

Her: It taste like babies.