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Hi. My name is A and I did NOT click the “I’m voting in The 2014 U.S. Election button” on Facebook. Said while hanging head in shame, of course.

I think this is the first time I haven’t voted since I turned 18. I’m probably going to feel guilty about this for years but I guess I’ll just add it to the long list of things that I don’t do anymore since motherhood took over my life. Like going to the gym or on dates with my husband or regular manicures/pedicures/massages/anything that would be just for me kind of stuff.

My state does not allow absentee voting unless you meet specific criteria (travel, exceptional work commitments, illness, etc.) which I did not meet this year. For the last several years I have been able to vote absentee which has worked out well so it kind of irks me that something other states allow just.isn’t.done in mine.

So why didn’t I vote?

I had a hard to get appointment EARLY this morning for a physical therapist to custom make an ulnar gutter splint for me. It’s that super frustrating (and achy) TFCC tear again. This is the fourth brace/splint I’ve had in the last 8 weeks and I’m over it. None of them have worked so I have little faith that this will be the miracle fix I’d like it to be. The whole process took just over two hours and I’m already going to have to go back for an adjustment – urgh. The velcro strap they attached to the top of it has come loose so I’m back in one of the older braces and feeling like this morning was mostly a waste of time.

Since my appointment was so early both girls were up and at school/daycare much earlier than usual which meant they were both way cranky and tired when picked up this afternoon. Merry encountered a wagon with her face today so she was not happy and needed to spend some time with an ice pack once we got home. Ava was hungry and grumpy so after a full day at work and with J working a 24 hour shift I just COULD NOT bear the thought of waiting in line with an aching wrist and two so-not-down-with-patience kids. And you know, you do have to feed them which (theoretically) involves cooking even if it was only boxed macaroni and cheese (don’t judge me – it was organic) and sliced turkey.

And you know that every vote counts thing? Yeah, our state is one that is dead even so they already know a recount is coming. Just imagine the potential for guilt there…