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Archive for November 3rd, 2012

Hey. All I said was that I would post every day. I made no promises about content.

(Although I was going to talk about/post pictures of our real Halloween but I can’t find the camera those pictures are on and I’m too doped up on cold medicine to look anymore.)

And I don’t really think you wanna hear about how we started cleaning out the garage today and realized that if we don’t do something soon then we’re going to end up on that Hoarders show. There is seriously way too much crap out there. And cookbooks – holy cow. It’s not like I cook anyway so I’m not quite sure why there are stacks and stacks of cookbooks taking up space since apparently I never look at or use them being that they are in the garage and not in or near the kitchen.

We did find scads of baby clothes (ahem, even though J had already told me he’d brought all of the current size clothing inside) and baby toys. Do you wanna know how many times I had to tell Ava to leave Merry alone or to stop taking things away from her sister? A million. Drove me nuts since even though these were Ava’s toys when she was a baby they are also toys that she almost never touched. There was a music table that Ava could have cared less about – – until today and only because Merry was completely entranced by it.

We also found luggage. I have no idea why we have this much luggage other than I apparently think every time we go to China we need all new, even lighter-weight luggage. (Seriously – we did. I swore last time that I would go with the loudest, most gaudiest luggage ever – and we did that too. They were hard sided with neon colored hearts which, while admittedly tacky in a cute way, turned out to be a HUGE benefit when we were trying to find bags in a hurry at every airport but especially rushing through customs at SFO with only moments to spare.)

Yep, I went off on a tangent. And I still don’t know where my camera is so no pictures today. G’night.