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So here we go with NaBloPoMo. I thought I’d give it a go with a sort of plan to go back in time. Every day I’d get caught up with a draft post – you know, things like the first day of school that I have failed to document as of yet.

My plan today was to recap Halloween. I have some wicked cute pictures of the girls in costume (costumes they only wore for pictures, by the way) so that would be an easy way to slide back in to blogging.

Or not.

Because this happened:

My baby lost her first tooth.

This tooth has been loose for months. I first noticed it when I was tucking her into bed back in the summer. It looked slightly askew – like there was a tiny gap that wasn’t there before – so I called J up to look at it. It took a minute but it finally dawned on me that her tooth was loose which I don’t think she’d even noticed yet. The dentist confirmed it at her next appointment and told us that not only was that tooth loose, so was the one next to it. (Yeah, clearly we were a bit slow on the uptake.)

So she’s been wiggling it here and there for ages now. We’ve read a book or two about teeth and we’ve talked about it so she would be ready. I had great plans to have all sorts of cute things ready for when her tooth finally fell out – you know, things like sweet little tooth pillows and a tooth chart so we can document each tooth as it comes out. Oh, and glitter. Must have glitter to spread around so she knows the tooth fairy came.

Or not.

I was sitting down in J’s chair (it’s a sacred chair so I can only sit there when he’s not here) when Ava calmly walked in and quietly said, “Mama, my tooth fell out.” I could barely believe my ears so I asked her again what she said, at which time she calmly repeated it before handing me the bloody stump of a tooth and promptly bursting into hysterical tears. Not just little tears either – big, hysterical, gasping-for-breath sobs that lasted for 15 minutes or more while she clung to me like her life depended on it. Meanwhile, her head is buried in my shoulder so I couldn’t see her face at all (Was she bleeding? On me?) and I *still* have a tiny, bloody tooth clasped in my hand.

I wasn’t sure what to do so I just kept telling her how cool it was that she lost her tooth and what a big girl she was now and yeah – she wasn’t buying it and heck, what I really wanted to do anyway was cry with her because OMG, it’s official that she’s not a baby any more. I finally distracted her a bit by letting her call J on my iPhone and then bribed her into letting me take a picture of her toothlessness by giving her a pack of her own Halloween candy that she’s kind of already forgot about.

We talked about the tooth fairy (she’s really not so keen on the idea of someone coming into her room while she’s sleeping) but I finally convinced her that the tooth fairy was Tinkerbell’s friend which apparently makes it okay. Although she did ask me to stay with her until the tooth fairy came which was unfortuantely not an option since the tooth fairy helper (that would be me) frantically needed to scour Pinterest for tooth fairy printables and ideas – which all just made me feel sad and inadequate since I just don’t embroider felt pillows on a whim nor do I regularly stock special decorative bottles of pixie dust – and contemplate raiding Ava’s piggy bank to pay her since I had no cash whatsoever in my wallet. None.

So – the tooth fairy came home and pulled out a $10 dollar bill (the only thing in his wallet) which we sprayed with glitter hairspray that had been hiding in the cabinet since the clearance sales after Halloween 2011. Add some glitter hairspray to the envelope and voila – you have a sticky mess of hairspray on paper a gentle dusting of fairy magic that will probably glue itself to Ava’s pillow by the morning.

The tooth fairy gently made his way into Ava’s room – glittery pink missive at the ready – only to find Ava sitting up and staring at him unblinkingly (at 11PM) because she said she was waiting on the tooth fairy to arrive. With a quick save he told her that he came in only to see her new smile and he was able to sleight of hand the tooth out from under the pillow and the envelope in. Being that she was absolutely exhausted he stayed with her for a moment – just long enough to see her off to sleep with her daddy by her side – and then escaped (doing the ninja don’t-wake-em walk) into the hallway where I was waiting to see how it went.

She did achieve her goal of seeing the tooth fairy even if she doesn’t know it yet. And she was overpaid greatly since we failed to plan ahead for this momentous event (but I’m okay with that this time – you only lose your first tooth once). We even told her that she gets to spend ALL of her tooth fairy money this time – no mandate to save on this windfall.

Now. What on earth am I supposed to do with this tooth? (My mom kept mine in a Sucrets tin for years and years – not sure what happened to those.)

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