November 2011
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I thought I’d be able to make it through NaBloPoMo but work won out after all.

We have a big project going on at work right now and I am just exhausted. I am averaging about 4.5 hours of sleep a night with last night clocking in at slightly less than 3 hours since I was working late (sometimes laptops and bringing your work home with you is not a good thing). Then we had to get up early to try and walk in for our 900th fingerprint appointment for our second I800A application with USCIS since, once again, the fingerprinting appointment they gave us wouldn’t work for either of our schedules. Thankfully that trip was successful (based in large part, I think, because J wore his uniform which comes in handy for a perk every now and again) and didn’t turn out to be a really early morning and long trip through the tunnel for nothing.

Fingerprints? Yeah, they’re as bad as always. Maybe worse. It’s always good to hear you have the worst fingerprints the technician has ever seen. He asked me if I cleaned a lot since household chemicals can damage your fingerprints. I nearly fell on the floor laughing at that, of course. He also proactively did a paper and ink copy of my fingerprints since he thinks it’s likely my electronic ones will be rejected. All this would be great if I were a criminal, apparently. Not so much since all I want them to do is approve the same form they’ve already approved for us 4 times over the last 6 years.

So anyway, I blew this 30 day posting thing . Ah well, I’ve posted more this month than I have all year so at least there’s that.

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