November 2011
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Ava has homework every week.

Translation: Mama has extra homework on top of the plenty she already has on her own AND has to remember to take the stupid blue folder back to school every Friday lest I get another passive-aggressive note in her folder.

Sometimes the homework is easy. Count thirty things and bring them to school to share. Write down her full name and address. Draw a picture of something round in your home. Stuff like that.

Sometimes it’s not. Letter writing practice almost always involves tears (mine and hers). A discussion of the five senses nearly drove both J and I batty. We alternated walking out of the room while she whined until she finally decided to participate. Teachers? We are most definitely not. Homeschooling is not likely to happen in this house as it would surely drive us to drink (heavily and often).

But tonight’s assignment was kind of fun.

We talked about the things we are thankful for and wrote them down to be posted in her classroom.

Ava’s list included: crayons, books, her daddy, Lambie (her most favorite stuffed toy ever), our house, and her new baby cousin, Victor.

J’s list: family, fire trucks, pumpkin pie, and friends.

My list: Ava (of course), our pets, my iPhone (yeah, I went there), and panda bears.

I think maybe we should do this more often…

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