November 2008
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It was one year ago today that we got the phone call that totally and completely rocked our world. I can still remember the anxiety and excitement like it was yesterday – the emotions were running so high (and low) at that point that I still wonder how I managed to function at all in the days prior to the call. You know, the days where we knew referrals were here with our agency but not knowing when we would hear from them. Actually I do know how I managed to get through the Friday afternoon/evening prior – a couple of my coworkers and I ended up splitting a bottle of wine or two at work (it’s pretty laid back like that at TBDCoE) so I got a bit tipsy. It doesn’t take a lot since I’m not much of a drinker. I ended up working really late that evening to make sure I wouldn’t be driving with even the slightest hint of alcohol still in my system.

I was at work on Monday when I got the call from our social worker. I had a full list of questions printed out so I wouldn’t forget to ask them, although it probably goes without saying that I totally forgot about my list and didn’t ask her anything at all. I started shaking as soon as I saw the agency’s name on Caller ID, answered the phone and promptly told her (not asked – I’d forgotten my manners at this point) to hold on, got up and shut my office door, and started crying with happiness (and relief) as soon as I picked the phone back up and heard her say, “You have a daughter.”

I managed to write down all of the info she had and called J at work right away. I (sadly) can’t even remember specifically what his reaction was since I was so totally blown away by the news myself and very, very emotional. Naturally, he was too so I doubt he remembers much of the conversation beyond the important stuff either. I then called my mom and J’s mom right away to share the news.

I’m sure I told my coworkers and called other family and friends but I can’t for the life of me remember any of that. I’m equally sure I was totally unproductive for the rest of the day – I just looked back through my emails sent that day and I’m right. All work correspondence for me virtually stopped after 3PM so I may have left early – heck if I know – I truly can’t remember anything else from that day at all. I do know that we started counting down the seconds until we could go to the local Bethany office the next afternoon to see Ava’s pictures and get/return our referral paperwork.

What a day that was!!

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