November 2007
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at 3:05PM EST today when our social worker called with this most magnificent news.

We have a daughter.

Name: Qi Xiao Bei
DOB: 28 March 2007
Location: Qichun SWI (in foster care), Hubei

We’ll get pictures tomorrow when we pick up her referral package.

I don’t have the words to tell you how happy we are. It’s an unspeakable joy.

8 Responses to “Our life changed”

  • Christine says:

    I have goose bumps! I am so excited for you. I don’t know what made me check your site again as I was just on it…but I did and am I ever glad!!! I can’t wait to see her photo!
    I bet you can’t believe it. Wow… she is a young one! :)Enjoy this time.

  • Hanna says:

    Congratulations!!! We received our daughter’s referral today, as well. You are very right. There are no words to describe this feeling. I can’t wait to see pictures!


  • Jeanne says:

    You are so right–you life has forever changed…for ALL you–the new F-A-M-I-L-Y.
    Warmest Congrats!

  • Laura says:

    CONGRATS….we have a Qichun girl and you are in for a wonderful trip. We have been home for two years and our daughter came to us happy and healthy. All the Hubei children are in foster care and so your daughter is receiving excellent care as you await your travel. If you haven’t already, join the Qichu Yahoo group at and the Hubei one at
    There is a lot of great info and pictures on these sites. Please feel free to check out our blog and Annslee’s travel site : )

    Sorry for the long comment..I just get so excited when I see another lucky family blessed with a child from Qichun!

    Can’t wait to see pics of your daughter!!

  • Cherith says:


  • Lorraine says:

    Finally it must be amazing to have all her details. We look forward to see her photo. Congratulations

  • Colleen Vasey says:

    Congratulations! I have a Qichun girl who will turn 5 on Nov. 24. Your referal for Ava looks a lot like her. Qichun has a fantastic foster care program. Please join the Qichun yahoo site as suggested by Laura.


  • Susan says:

    We couldn’t be happier for the both of you – and Katie and I got the added bonus of hearing the news on our birthday! Congrats! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

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