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Archive for October 11th, 2006

I have the best Mom in the world and today was her birthday.

Of course, having the best Mom in the world is somewhat of a mixed blessing. On one hand, I have a great parental role model and if I’m only half as good at this mom stuff then I’ll be pretty awesome. On the other hand, I have very high standards to live up to – which is a little bit intimidating.

Here are just a few things (of many) that I want to say thank you for:

  • Thanks for being my Mom first and my friend second. I might not have liked it much then, but I needed the mom stuff more.
  • Thanks for being my friend now. You’re always the first person I call whether it’s good or bad news or even if I just want to whine a little bit about my day. You’re the most trustworthy person I know and I know my secrets are always safe with you.
  • Thanks for showing me how to be kind to people. You always see the best in people and treat them all with patience and respect.
  • Thanks for always letting me bring home stray animals (and keeping most of them). Mice, cats, dogs, goldfish from the county fair (every year) and whatever else we brought home. And thanks for taking care of them long after we kids lost interest in the day-to-day care and feeding of them all.
  • Thanks for teaching me to read…and for not letting me watch too much TV. You’ve given me a love for reading and learning that I will always be grateful for.
  • Thanks for giving me the moral background that you did. Even if we disagree on some aspects of faith now, I’m still glad to have the morals and ethics that you worked so hard to instill.

Y’all see what I mean? High standards, indeed.

I hope you had a happy, happy birthday, Mom. You’re a beautiful person and you deserve all the happiness in the world and more. I wish I could give you everything your heart desires – to include that ever-elusive perfect new sofa you’re searching for.