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We’ve lived in our house for almost five years. In the five years we’ve lived here, with the exception of Hurricane Isabel, we’ve never ever had water in our garage or even come very close to our house.

In the last 30-ish days, we’ve now had two near misses.

This one was worse than Ernesto. It came much closer to coming in to the house. If the tide had been even one foot higher J would have been ripping out floors and walls over the weekend and I would have checked myself in to the nearest loony bin. As it is, it’s now pushed me into a hyper-vigilant state that I can’t quite bring myself out of. I spent Friday night awake and pacing the house to look out of each window in turn, simply waiting for high tide on Saturday morning to see what damage that would bring. I spent Saturday agonizing over the latest damage. And I spent Sunday in pain with the worst migraine I’ve had in a long time – probably from the stress let-down.

Anyhoo – the pictures can say it better than I.

And another:

And lest you think I’m not grateful for the relatively little damage that we experienced – I am extremely thankful. Many folks in our community lost entire homes (again) and worse.

See the Coast Guard helicopter in the picture above? It was searching for the bodies of two commercial watermen, an uncle (70) and his nephew (59), who went out to try and pull in their nets before the storm. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful and they lost their lives.

So I am very grateful, but so very sad for the losses our little town has suffered yet again.